The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

7 Dec

HOOImagine being thrown into the middle of a life- your life- and not knowing anything except your name.

Sucks, huh? That’s what Jason experiences when he blinks onto a bus in the middle of nowhere, holding hands with a pretty girl. Not that he’s complaining, of course; any guy would kill to be in his shoes. He discovers that he has a best friend- the wonderfully comical Leo Valdez- and a girlfriend, Piper McClean. As much as he’s enjoying his brand new life, he can’t help but wonder who the Hades he is.

Then, you know, life throws a big ol’ pothole smack dab into the intersection of Easy street and Whatever boulevard.

He finds out what he is- a demigod. But, something’s still missing. He can only remember the Roman names for the gods, not the greek, and he can speak fluent Latin, something not so easy to do without years of practice.

Things are just a bit too fishy for Jason.

Him and his two best friends, Leo and Piper, go on a quest to save Hera and uncover quite a few things.


I love love loved this book! It took me a while to get into it ’cause I was pretty pissed that Percy wasn’t in it AT ALL! (Not co0l, Uncle Rick. NOT COOL!) But, I really got into it.

Me being the conflicted little being that I am, I’m still on the fence about where I stand on the whole Jason vs. Percy thing. Though Percy is my fave and no one can top him, Jason is pretty kick-a… I mean kick- butt. (sorry bout that!)

But I have nothing but praise for the first installment in this gripping new series!


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